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  • Jessica Timberlake

Love in Spring

I've been journaling every single morning for the past 10 weeks. Every. single. morning. It's been a great process - although that's not actually what this post is about. I simply ran out of pages one morning in the journal I was currently writing in, and with a spark of delight, grabbed one of my oldest journals. Yep - I'm a journal hoarder. And this oldie-but-goodie is from 2006. It's about 1/3 of the way full. And then, I got lost in re-reading old journal entries from 2006. Hello, Jessica-14-years-ago. What a life you have lived! I was in my second year of college, getting ready to move out, experiencing make ups and break ups - a time of change, that's for sure. My 20something emotions were real, raw and unguarded, and apparently I channeled a lot of them into poetry. Poetry I think is pretty solid. So here goes - originally scribed April 11, 2006.


Love in Spring

Breathe soft, my sweet

as the whispers of spring spell by

and I'll embrace you so


There is you and there is me...

coral pink kisses dusting delicately over

bathing beneath the dandelion sun

and skin so shimmeringly smooth

gliding slowly


and I'll embrace you so.

Oppositely below,

the tingles of the earth

tiny trickles of nicks tracing trails of hot red

cooled quietly by the essence of the earth,

streaking smudges along the satiny flesh

but there is you and there is me -

so pay no mind.

Cotton shadows slink by

muffling sunshine as I mutter to muffle

breathe soft, my sweet.

This silent spring moment arising

embellishing nature as nature does inspire

for there is you

and there is me

and I'll embrace you so


"there is you and there is me -
so pay no mind."

I remember workshopping this poem in a creative writing class I took at the time. What happened to the workshopped version? Not sure. What grade did I get? No clue. But I still love this piece. I love the slight alliteration, the metaphors and my use of color.

And, I love that 20 year old me wrote poetry and wasn't afraid to share it. I've forgotten that part of myself over the years. So I'm embracing it again now and bringing that lesson forward. Because if I don't at least take the time to learn from my past experiences, to take with me what I loved and cast away what I didn't, my evolution as a person and an artist will stall. My creativity will whither. Hey Jess - I see you. Welcome back.


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